Bright Led’s displays to deliver a consistent and colorful presentation in any indoor environment. Configurable for both audience captivation and unique environmental needs, It’s easy to install and maintain and drive audience engagement at a minimal total cost of operation.

The dynamic peaking technology combats natural or ambient lighting interference. Dynamic peaking elevates content to peak brightness levels nearly twice as high as the standard LED signage maximum. In turn, our product produces brilliant content that shines against any background.

Screen is directly mounted on the wall.

Customized Solution for every case.


•Excellent stability:

•Outstanding quality:

•Higher contrast ratio

•Slim design and light-weight:

•Fantastic seamless & vivid visual performance

LED Outdoor Video Wall

Pixel PitchP3.91 mmP4.8 mm
Pixel Density65536dots43265dots
LED LampSMD2020SMD1921
Resolution64 x 64 dots40 x 40 dots
Dimension250 x 250 mm250 x 250mm
Power Consumption≤ 43W≤ 40W
Dimension500 x 500 mm500 x 500mm
Maximum Power Consumption≤ 681W≤ 640W
Average Power Consumption≤ 341W≤ 320W
Viewing Angle140°/130°140°/130°
Best Viewing Distance≥ 3.9m≥ 4.5 m
Brightness≥ 900cd≥ 900cd
Operating Humidity10% – 90% RH10% – 90% RH
Operation EnvironmentIndoorIndoor
Refresh Rate≥ 3840 Hz≥ 3840Hz

Product Destail

LED Outdoor Video Wall P3.91, P4.8 is relative small pixel, we suggest to go With 960*960 Outdoor Metal cabinet.
Temperature requirement:

  • 1) Operating temperature range: -20 ° C -40 ° C, other temperature range, need to install temperature control equipment.
  • 2) Lamp surface temperature (working time): ≤85°C, temperature control equipment is required to be installed when temperature exceeding the standard

4.Metal components of the screen, the shell of power supply and the cabinet should be grounded well, and the grounding resistance should be less than 10Ω. Prevent electrostatic damage to electronic devices in humid environment, while avoiding electric leakage to harm human body.
5.It’s not recommended that customer install module in outdoor environment with magnetic method. For it will cause the following hazards:

  • Rain or snow can enter from the screen front side to the screen back side, it may cause the electronic components, system card, power supply and cables be corroded and lose efficacy.
  • The magnetic installation method cannot guarantee the flatness and the performance of the LED screen.
  • Module is likely to deform under extremely cold weather.